Helping You Resolve Your Family Law Conflicts

Domestic conflicts are among the most stressful that you will endure. You may struggle with confronting the personal nature of the conflict. Recognizing that your loved ones are also affected is damaging. When you see your spouse or partner as an adversary in a disagreement, it's only natural that your emotions limit your perspective.

It is for this reason that you need a legal ally to help you when you are involved in a family dispute: Your loved ones will benefit from an objective viewpoint. It is difficult to obtain a good long-term solution when feelings dictate actions. The resolution you seek may address an immediate problem and provide emotional satisfaction. However, there may be negative consequences associated with this short-term remedy.

Addressing A Variety Of Domestic Needs

For over two decades, I have assisted families throughout Acadiana identify and secure the best results for their circumstances. At Eric S. Neumann, APLC, I work to promote your interests through direct and honest counsel. I design legal strategies that anticipate emotional obstacles and limit unnecessary quarrels. I have the experience and temperament to help you reach an understanding without destroying relationships in the process.

When you retain my services, you will benefit from my emphasis on family law. Domestic matters are the sole focus of my practice. As a result, I offer a comprehensive range of services for matters such as:

A seasoned trial lawyer and assistant district attorney, I can efficiently navigate Louisiana's family court system on your behalf. As a result, you invest your time and money to get effective results. Other firms may partner you with an unpracticed attorney who learns about court procedure while pursuing your claims. At Eric S. Neumann, APLC, you receive a great return for your investment.

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