Putting The Best Interests Of Your Children First

When separated parents are negotiating the terms of their divorce settlement agreement in Louisiana, child custody can be a source of contention. In most cases, parents fight aggressively out of a sincere desire to protect their children's welfare.

Parents are justified in the concern for their children in divorce and custody proceedings, but a strategy that focuses on prolonged custody conflicts can destroy the strong foundation that families have built prior to the conflict. After these situations are finally resolved, emotions and financial resources are often depleted. No family member gains from any strategy that fails to focus on the integrity of the family after the conflict is resolved.

When kids are affected by the divorce process, they need an advocate to represent their interests. For over two decades, I have helped families throughout the Acadiana region work together to identify remedies for custody disputes. The resulting arrangement benefits children. I strive to encourage civility between divorcing parents so that promoting their child's best interests is a shared goal.

Customizing Your Agreement To Address A Variety Of Concerns

At Eric S. Neumann, APLC, my practice focuses on providing solutions for family law matters. As a result, I can advise on a wide range of custody issues, including:

  • Custody and shared parenting plans
  • Fathers' rights
  • Nonparents' rights
  • Visitation rights
  • Modifying and enforcing custody agreements
  • Parental relocation and interstate custody disputes

I understand that determining custody and visitation rights in the midst of other considerations is stressful. It's also an opportunity for you to affect change and move your life in a positive direction. I can assist you in creating a well-designed agreement to do just that.

Work With A Lawyer Who Will Champion Your Child's Well-Being

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