A Focus On Finding Common Ground

Ending a marriage is a legally complex and emotionally charged time when you may not be at your best. Decision-making is often impaired by personal issues. You may think that your only option is to take your divorce to trial.

Before committing to divorce litigation, you should know the costs, both financially and emotionally. Airing grievances in a public forum can damage relationships within a family. Children are often placed in the middle of two warring spouses.

Mediation Versus Litigation

A trial takes control away from you and puts life-changing decisions in the hands of a judge. Conversely, mediation gives you a much-needed say in your post-divorce future. Options exist to resolve your marital dissolution in a more cooperative, less-adversarial setting.

I am Eric S. Neumann, an attorney who explores all options to secure the best outcomes for my clients. Families throughout Acadiana have come to me for help with their divorce and other related matters. My job is to focus on your best interests and those of your children. I customize legal strategies based on your specific needs and goals. In many cases, resolution can be found through mediation.

Divorce mediation allows spouses to resolve issues involving children and property in an open setting. It facilitates open lines of communication to negotiate an agreement. The mediator serves in an impartial role, establishing ground rules and identifying the specific issues that need attention, starting with certain aspects where spouses agree.

Start The Mediation Process Today

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