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Focus your thinking, actions and words for success

When you are co-parenting, there are several ways that you might negatively impact the situation. It isn't always easy to realize what is going on, especially when you've fallen into a rut with your thinking and actions. It is important to try to have a good attitude and do things that are going to help the situation.

One issue that can cause problems when you co-parent is having all-or-nothing thinking. You can't let the negativity rule your life when it comes to having to deal with situations related to your parenting. It is best to remain flexible and keep a positive outlook.

Some steps to take when preparing for divorce

Ending a marriage is a big step involving law, emotions and finances. Louisiana spouses may want to consider the following steps to prepare before jumping into divorce and filing the first legal paper.

First, spouses need to consider whether they want to attend counseling sessions. If nothing else, this will help parties communicate later during negotiations and prepare them for separation.

Prenups are good insurance for Louisianans in second marriages

Louisiana spouses in a second marriage can benefit from the lessons they learned from their first divorce. A prenuptial agreement can incorporate this experience and serve as an insurance policy to help resolve property division and other issues if the second marriage fails. This is especially true for couples over 50-years-old.

Second marriages for these couples must balance the financial needs of the new spouse with the children from earlier marriages or relationships. These marriages are also more complicated because spouses acquired property and assets since their first marriage, and they should plan for different expenses such as retirement, their children's college education or new home.

Taxes and divorce planning

Ending a marriage has financial consequences as one household splits up and each half usually lives on 50 percent of the household income. Changes with tax laws governing the deductibility of spousal support complicates this more and requires more financial and tax planning in a Louisiana divorce.

The new federal tax law eliminated the long-standing tax deduction for alimony payments in new divorces finalized after December 31, 2018. This has pushed many spouses into trying to complete divorce settlements this year so that they can continue to deduct spousal support payments.

Make holiday plans early if you have a difficult work schedule

Navigating a child custody arrangement is always difficult for workers in the oil industry. Their work schedules sometimes take them away from home for long periods and often on special days. It is imperative that both parents take the time to consider these aspects when making holiday plans.

Even if neither parent is in the oil industry, there are plenty of other careers that also make it hard to make plans for this time of year. Ultimately, working out the details in advance of the major events can reduce stress levels.

Avoiding divorce-related financial problems

Spouses can compound the complications of ending their marriage by engaging in reckless financial decisions. This divorce-financial-mistakes-self-destructive financial behavior should be avoided during divorce.

Ending a marriage divides the resources that were used to pay bills and purchase items. Impulsive purchases, such as a car or vacation, may help with celebrating the end of an unfortunate union but can lead to insurmountable debt when only one spouse is paying the bills.

What is final periodic support in a Louisiana divorce?

In a Louisiana divorce, one of the most complicated and frequently contentious issues is how much spousal support, if any, one former spouse will be ordered to pay the other. There are many factors that go into determining this, and it is imperative for both sides to understand them. Final periodic support should be considered for former spouses who are ordered to pay and former spouses who will receive payment.

Final periodic support will be ordered if a spouse who is receiving it is not deemed to have been at fault before the divorce filing was made, has needs that must be paid for, and the other spouse is able to pay. There are certain factors that are part of this law when deciding if there should be final periodic support. When seeking to receive support or concerned about being ordered to pay, it is wise to know how the law deals with these issues.

Calculating spousal support

Issues accompanying the end of a marriage in Louisiana may be more complex than others. For example, child support relies on guidelines that are based on the child's financial needs. But, other divorce legal issues, such as spousal support, may be more complicated and nebulous, making it easier for emotions to drive decision-making.


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