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Divorce doesn’t have to be terrible

Tell your best friends you are contemplating divorce and they will rush to comfort you. “That’s so sad,” they will say.

They are right – it’s too bad the marriage didn’t work out. But divorce is changing. Increasingly, clear-headed people are looking to uncontested divorce as a kind of reset button for their lives.

What is uncontested divorce?

Uncontested divorce is a low-stress, low-cost alternative to the old kind of divorce. It really is just a document where two people who are in agreement about splitting up show how they will divide property and start over again on their own.

Because you didn’t lob legal grenades at one another, you can be friends after the split, if you want to.

The divorce never goes to court. Rather, the document is simply filed with the court. It is about as complicated as filing a will.

Say no to scorched-earth divorce

We are not saying uncontested divorce is fun. It is an ending to something you once had high hopes for.

Neither is uncontested divorce the right solution for every couple. If you have any significant difference of opinion on anything – money, responsibilities, who gets the kids – it won’t work. And it won’t work if any of these are present:

  • There is violence in the relationship
  • One side has a history of exerting control over the other
  • One side doesn’t understand what is happening

But for many couples, who have learned that they aren’t good together, uncontested divorce is a just, peaceful affordable way to call it quits. To learn more, call us.

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