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The many costs covered by child support payments

Divorce is a complex legal matter, and it can become even more complicated when you add personal and professional layers to it. For example, members of the military that file for divorce have some added benefits, assets, and complications to deal with. Owners of businesses also have a lot of crucial questions that need to be answered.

And, of course, for married couples that have kids, a divorce will have the added matters of child custody and child support. For parents, divorce can be an anxious and stressful time -- but you should always uphold your responsibility as a parent during the process and look out for your child's best interests throughout.

Child custody is often resolved with a joint custody arrangement. Not every divorce goes this way, and every situation is different. But in many cases, this arrangement is beneficial and suitable.

Child support, on the other hand, can get tricky. The paying spouse may not always meet his or her obligations. And even when they do, the receiving spouse may not know exactly what he or she can spend his or her support payments on.

With child support, many different costs are covered by it. For starters, basic necessities such as food, shelter, and clothing are covered by child support payments. Just outside of this "basic needs" category are medical treatment costs and educational costs, but support payments are also applicable with these fees too. Child support can also pay for "extras" too, such as transportation and travel, entertainment purposes, and extracurricular activities such as sports teams and class activities.

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