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The unique divorce situation in which one spouse is a doctor

Having a physician as a spouse may have been considered the "marriage jackpot" at one point in time. However, marriages in which one of the spouses is a doctor may pose special divorce legal issues in Louisiana. These often involve situations in which the non-doctor spouse is seeking compensation for the sacrifices they made for their partner's medical education, career and income inequality.

Is divorce an option?

Couples in Louisiana face many differing perspectives on whether they should end their marriage. There are reasonable arguments on both sides on whether spouses should be one of the couples who divorce, which reportedly occurs every 13 seconds in this country.

When is a prenup needed?

A couple ending their marriage in Louisiana may have to face disputes over property division, especially in a high-asset divorce. Entering a prenuptial agreement allows couples to decide how their property will be divided, along with other issues, instead of leaving life-altering decisions to a family court judge during divorce proceedings.


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