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Is divorce an option?

Couples in Louisiana face many differing perspectives on whether they should end their marriage. There are reasonable arguments on both sides on whether spouses should be one of the couples who divorce, which reportedly occurs every 13 seconds in this country.

Marriage is intended to strengthen and further relationships. However, marriages can be strained by infidelity, abuse or incompatibility that can cause physical or emotional harm. Divorce may be the best solution to end these strains. A spouse may even learn from the bad experience of their first marriage and find a better and more compatible partner in a second marriage.

Longer life expectancy for Americans may also make divorce more attractive. The down side of a longer life span is that couples who are facing these problems or struggling to remain together must persist with their dissatisfaction for a longer time. Divorce may be a reasonable option for couples who should get on with their separate lives.

Children are also not immune from the strains of an unhappy marriage. While divorce is stressful for children, they may also suffer more long-term emotional damage when forced to live in a household where the parents are incompatible. Divorce may be the better course when this occurs.

The downsides of ending a marriage include financial hardship. An increase of at least 30 percent in income is necessary to keep the same standard of living the spouses experienced during their marriage, according to researchers. Some spouses also have additional burdens when they must pay child support or alimony. Additionally, over half of all divorced mothers are not paid their full child support. Single parents trying to raise children must overcome additional financial issues if they are unable to work full-time.

Another negative aspect is the loneliness that may follow divorce. In more extreme cases, it can cause physical and mental health problems. Men experience these problems more than women.

Source: Salon, "The perspective on divorce," Talia Klein Perez, The Perspective, Nov. 10, 2017

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