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Helping our clients seek sole custody during divorce

Louisiana family problems are not easy. Otherwise, they would not be called problems. While these can arise at any point in a marriage, dealing with family issues during divorce is often expected. Divorcing parents do not always see eye-to-eye on children. Thus, disputes surrounding child custody. Even though it is a common family law issue to face, this does not make it any easier to address or resolve.

Helping you navigate child custody matters

Divorce is one of the most challenging events in a person's life and, if and when it occurs, it can bring to light some of the most difficult decisions in a person's life. When children are involved, divorcing parents in Louisiana and elsewhere need to determine what is best for their child or children, and what kind of custody arrangement could best serve the needs of everyone involved.

Finding your new groove after your divorce

No matter at what point in your marriage a divorce occurs, the sadness and pain that accompanies it are real. Even those who are normally resilient — and for those living in southwest Louisiana, by default, that's pretty much everyone — may find themselves with a case of the blues after a divorce.

Taking the right steps with finances during a divorce

In Louisiana, divorce proceedings involve numerous decisions over legal matters such as child custody and property division. These matters are often emotional, but should not stop the cold financial calculations that may help protect a family's future and assure that their needs are met.

Tips for civil co-parenting after divorce

When children are involved, a divorced couple is irrevocably linked throughout their lives. Highly contentious divorces will, without a change in mindset and a commitment to cooperation, lead to negative, stressful and ultimately toxic co-parenting arrangements. The key is to learn how to separate personal emotions and feelings of hurt or bitterness linked to the failure of the marriage from the ability of your former spouse to parent effectively.


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