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Helping our clients seek sole custody during divorce

Louisiana family problems are not easy. Otherwise, they would not be called problems. While these can arise at any point in a marriage, dealing with family issues during divorce is often expected. Divorcing parents do not always see eye-to-eye on children. Thus, disputes surrounding child custody. Even though it is a common family law issue to face, this does not make it any easier to address or resolve.

Child custody can look vastly different from one family to the next. In some cases, seeking sole custody is the best route because it meets the best interests of the child. A parent might have taken on the primary role to care for the child during the marriage, and because he or she is relocating to better him or herself post-divorce, it may be beneficial for the child to remain with that parent.

At Eric S. Neumann, APLC, our legal team has dealt with an array of custody disputes. With over two decades of experience, we are well versed in the legal options available to our clients. Whether a parent is seeking to protect a child from a negative and even abusive situation or a parent is simply fighting for sole custody because they were the only parent to take an active role in raising the child, obtaining sole custody is still a route many divorcing parents take.

The benefits of joint custody are known. But, benefits exist in a sole custody situation as well. Visitation is still available to the non-custodial parent if it is determined to be safe for the child involved. Despite there being a wide range of reasons for seeking sole custody, some parent may initially seek this arrangement out of spite. Anger can fuel this parenting plan, and when conflicts run high, it may seem best for children to avoid these hostile situations. If parents simply cannot get along, it is important that a custody order reflects the best interests of the child.

To learn more, check out our law firm's child custody website. Parents may not get along during the divorce process and even during post-divorce interactions. But, this does not mean they cannot develop a custody plan that reflects the best interests of their child.

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