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Divorce is one of the most challenging events in a person's life and, if and when it occurs, it can bring to light some of the most difficult decisions in a person's life. When children are involved, divorcing parents in Louisiana and elsewhere need to determine what is best for their child or children, and what kind of custody arrangement could best serve the needs of everyone involved.

Depending on the situation and the ability of the parents to reach a compromise, forming a child custody agreement can be a straightforward process. This means avoiding the need to go to court to litigate the matter. Unfortunately, this isn't always the case. Parents sometimes cannot see eye-to-eye, making it necessary for them to go to court to sort through the matter.

At Eric S. Neumann, APLC, our skilled legal team has over two decades of experience helping Lafayette families navigate child custody matters. Whether you are seeking joint custody, sole custody or visitation rights, our law firm will take the time to ensure our clients understand their rights in the situation and how best to assert and protect their rights.

Additionally, our legal team is experienced at modifying current child custody orders. We understand that not all court orders in divorce are "set in stone." Life can bring about many changes, and this could alter the amount of time a parent requests or is legally entitled to. We will fight to help our clients obtain a favorable result. We tailor our legal representation to the individual needs and wishes of our clients.

To learn more, please visit our law firm's child custody website. Maintaining a relationship with a child is the goal of many parents post-divorce. It is important to understand what this could look like when parents negotiate, mediate or litigate this family law matter. Taking the time to understand these matters and what rights are afforded to you can help you through the process and protect the best interests of your child along the way.

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