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Preparation is important during a divorce

Going through a divorce requires mental and financial preparation. Taking these steps before filing helps assure that a family can take care of their future expenses. First, a spouse should open their own checking and savings account to take care of their financial needs. An accounting of deposits to the other spouse, however, helps assure that there are no justifiable accusations that the spouse is hiding assets.

6 ways you can make divorce easier for your kids

You and your spouse want an amicable divorce because you always put your kids first. You want to make sure they come through this process as easily as possible. You do not want them to feel like their parents dragged them through a bitter divorce, always fighting and stressing them out. Your No. 1 goal is to be excellent parents, even as your marriage ends.

How do Louisiana's matrimonial agreements work?

Louisiana is a community property state where, with some important exceptions, property acquired during the marriage by either spouse is "marital property" that can be divided during divorce. However, spouses can enter matrimonial agreements, such as a prenuptial agreement, that can renounce, modify or depart from the state's community property rules during property division in a divorce.


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