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Know the difference between separate and marital property

Louisiana recognizes community property rights for married people, which means, generally speaking, that all of the property that people acquire after they have wed their spouses is considered equally owned by both of the partners to the marriage. Marital property is property that is owned by both individuals in a marriage and is subject to property division if they divorce.

Oil rig workers and child custody matters

The prevalence of oil field work in Acadiana is a beacon for the local economy. The workers stand to make a good amount of money for their efforts. This can place a huge burden on the family members who are left at home. These workers face the risk of divorce, which is difficult since they are only trying to support their family members.

Divorce and social media

Social media is playing a part in divorce throughout the country, and spouses should address postings with caution. At least 40 to 50 percent of marriages in this country end in divorce, according to the American Psychological Society. There are many ways couples address the end of their marriages on social media. Some spouses simply remove their married status from Facebook. Other couples draft and post a mutually-agreeable announcement.

What are the visitation rights for parents?

Visitation rights are different than child custody rights for parents in Louisiana. Determining who is around the child, nonetheless, is also very significant. Visitation is the time that a parent may spend with the child. Custody is the right to make important decisions about education, health and other important matters in the child's life, even if the child lives somewhere else.

Schools have child custody disputes procedures

Disputes over child custody are not restricted to families. Schools often become involved and must implement procedures to protect children. Access to school records, not abduction, is the biggest complaint involving schools from non-custodial parents according to a security consultant. Unless a specific court order prohibits access, however, a non-custodial parent has a right to their child's records.


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