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Staying calm during the stress of divorce

A divorce may be a stressful, complicated and weary process for Louisiana couples ending their marriage. However, being organized and documenting as much as possible can help in court proceedings or mediation, and help a spouse carefully and calmly deal with issues.

Mediation is often recommended before going to trial, especially when the couple must deal with business assets. This generally is a less expensive and stressful process, which involves the spouses negotiating their own resolution of divorce legal issues outside of court and before an impartial mediator. Being organized, prepared and having a clear goal can help during this negotiation process and facilitate its success.

Property division is a major issue in mediation or trial. Having documents on the couple's assets, information on whether they were held before or during the marriage and keeping assets organized can help persuade a judge or play a major role in negotiations.

Allocation of business assets may be complicated. More structured entities, such as an S Corporation or Limited Liability Corporation, are treated as significant assets and may go through litigation or mediation. Each spouse's role or importance to the business must be considered for any business.

E-commerce businesses or businesses that center on online marketplaces may be easier to resolve because there are fewer entry barriers. Instead of dividing the business, each spouse should consider opening their own business based upon their interests and knowledge.

Child support is also related to these issues. Courts award support based upon the best interests of the child. Spouses should be prepared to present their financial status and the children's needs.

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