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Child custody modifications are sometimes needed as a child grows

As your child grows older, you might find that the parenting plan you set up during your divorce doesn't address their current needs. This realization may necessitate a change to your child custody plan.

Child custody plan modifications can help to ensure that your child is able to thrive in two homes. You might need to revamp the entire plan. However, most parents can change single points as necessary. Here are some considerations:

Many factors come together

It is unrealistic to think that your children will always need the same things, that both parents are going to live in the same homes, continue the work the same schedules, and have consistent capabilities through the years. It's possible that the need for changes are due to the child's schedule but modifications are just as common due to parents' shifting situations.

Working together can be beneficial

Working with your ex to come up with the new terms can expedite solutions. It also enables both parents to have a say in what happens. If you can't do this, you can always turn to the court system to make decisions but you might end up with a less-than-ideal order. Mediation is an alternative that lets you enlist the help of an impartial third party to try to work through the issues at hand.

Proof of change of circumstances

If you do have to go to court over the matter, the court will want you to show that significant changes in the circumstances have occurred. Gathering proof ahead of time is beneficial. Some documentation is easy to gather, such as proof that you had to relocate for work or that your schedule has changed in a way that makes the current parenting plan unfeasible.

In other cases, such as if there are claims of parental issues leading to a failure to comply with the current plan, you might have to consider other proofs. Consider statements from people who know the situation or a list of events that show a change is necessary.

Child custody modifications don't have to be a contentious battle between you and your ex. Remaining calm and talking through the issues reasonably might help you find mutually agreeable solutions. Still, it is a good idea to plan for a court hearing just in case good intentions don't pan out.

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