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Divorce has surprises

Ending a marriage can be a lengthy and complicated process. Spouses are often surprised with parts of the divorce process that may become obstacles.

Divorce is not fast and takes time. Louisiana, like other states, has a waiting period after the filing of divorce papers. Six months must elapse before an even uncontested becomes final. This period may grow longer with contested divorce and court proceedings and related scheduling delays.

A spouse must also provide financial documents and other information. This should be disclosed to the other party and may be essential for determining spousal support, property division and child support.

Couples must also comply with new rules that govern normally-routine activities and decisions. Children may not be taken outside Louisiana, for example, without approval. Transferring assets may be prohibited.

Likewise, life becomes a little more complicated. A child's participation in extracurricular activities may have to comply with a custody order and visitation schedule and parents will have to coordinate their activities.

Visiting children may require complying with these orders and planning. Spouses must be prudent in what they say in front of the children and on social media.

Even when the divorce is final, spouses may have to deal with negative communications. There may be requests to modify child custody and alimony support orders.

Finally, divorce does not have clear winners and losers. Courts usually try to make decisions that allow both spouses to move on and keep families economically whole. Determining which party is right is usually irrelevant. Divorce mediation and settlement negotiations require parties to establish priorities and make trade-offs.

An experienced family law attorney can help a spouse overcome these obstacles. With legal assistance, a spouse may pursue their rights and seek a fair and reasonable decree.

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