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Mediation can help you end your marriage in uncontested divorce

For many families, divorce can have devastating social and financial consequences. The drawn-out and bitter process of fighting over the terms of your divorce can wreak havoc on the interpersonal relationship you share with your ex. This is of particular concern for spouses who have children. After all, they will likely be seeing one another several times a week for many years.

Doing everything in your power to make your divorce amicable and affordable is a good decision for everyone in your family. You may think that an uncontested divorce isn't an option because you and your spouse don't currently agree on the right way to end your marriage.

Whether your disagreements relate to child custody issues or how to split up your assets, mediation prior to filing for divorce can do a lot to help you resolve outstanding issues in your pending divorce.

Mediation helps you work together to find solutions

People often confuse divorce mediation with couple's therapy or arbitration. In arbitration, a third party typically makes all of the important decisions based on the evidence presented.

The idea is that by giving that authority to a neutral third-party, the outcome is as fair as possible. Taking a contentious divorce through the courts is similar to arbitration. You judge will have the final say in all of the major issues in your divorce. Mediation involves you and your ex discussing the outstanding terms from your marriage and divorce with the intention of finding compromises that work for both of you.

Mediation isn't a form of therapy, but rather a way to address issues and facilitate compromise between both parties. Unlike couples' therapy, it will not seek to resolve any existing issues in your relationship. It will focus solely on practical concerns, like who gets to keep the house and establishing a solid parenting plan.

Compromising and mediation means a faster and cheaper divorce

Taking a divorce through the courts can be expensive. You will have to pay for the court's time, as well as for both of the attorneys for every day you are in court. While you will still incur expenses related to attorneys for both of you during mediation, the overall amount of time required to solidify agreements in mediation is much lower compared to arguing a contentious case in court.

When you file for an uncontested divorce in Louisiana, the process of ending your marriage is relatively quick. There are mandated waiting times, and it can take many days or weeks of court to arrive at a resolution. Many families are able to complete mediation in only a few days, after which the majority of the stress and expense related to the divorce will be over with.

If you think there is any possibility of you and your spouse arriving at agreeable terms for your divorce, mediation is something you should consider.

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