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Assuring privacy during divorce

Ending a marriage can sometimes bring out the worst in a soon-to-be former spouse. Information technology can be abused and allow digital spying during an ongoing divorce unless certain precautions are taken.

Digital technology can track a person's location or record private communications. Newly-innovative home appliances and thermostats also store a person's location based on their out-of-house programming. It may be unreasonably complicated or expensive to gain evidence of any unlawful monitoring, especially when the property is jointly-owned or accessed by the married couple. But, there are several ways to increase privacy and prevent snooping.

A spouse should create a new and unique password that is dedicated to the divorce case. New and distinctive passwords are also needed for social media accounts. In fact, consider going inactive on social media because it can be a source of information concerning trips, spending and other personal information for a former spouse and other unfriendly people.

It is also important to unsync, untether and disconnect any linked devices to avoid sharing information. This should be done to the children's devices, too. Spyware or keystroke trackers are recent spying technologies. A spouse should consult a technology expert to assure that their devices are not affected by these technologies. A tech expert can also help assure that privacy settings are properly engaged and ensure that a spouse's location is not shared or tracked.

Privacy is especially important for communications with an attorney or other professionals, such as accountants and financial advisers. In addition to digital technology, extreme caution must also be used for mail and telephone calls and for documents pertaining to the divorce. Consider obtaining an alternative mailing address, such as a post office box, and a secure location for storing documents.

However, extreme care must also be used before deleting any data or removing and replacing any electronic devices. These may be potential evidence that must be preserved for the divorce litigation. There may be serious legal consequences for destroying or failing to preserve this information.

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