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How to plan for a possible divorce as a parent

Going through a divorce is always difficult, but those with children can feel under the most pressure to minimize the impact that the separation has. Usually there is the presence of marital turmoil months or years before one spouse takes action to file for a divorce.

During this time of marital turmoil, it is a good idea to prepare for the possibility of divorce, even if it does not become an eventuality. You can do this by understanding how the law works in Louisiana, and considering both the financial and emotional impact that a divorce will have on your family.

Preparing for the emotional impact of a divorce

Children often become confused and stressed by the concept of divorce. The situation will likely affect them in varying ways depending on their age and maturity level. It is usually a good idea to help your children to prepare for a divorce emotionally by explaining the reality of the situation in an age-appropriate way. For example, you may want to explain how people can grow apart and want different things even if they care for each other very much. This may help your children to resolve fears surrounding abandonment or lack of love in the family.

Preparing for the financial impact of a divorce

The state of Louisiana follows the legal theory of community property. This means that all marital assets will be subject to a 50 percent split in the event of divorce. While this law can have advantages and disadvantages in comparison to the equitable distribution law that is present in many other states, it generally makes it easier for a prospective divorcee to predict the financial impact of divorce. In addition, you may be able to receive alimony and child support orders when you go through a Louisiana divorce. This will help you to maintain a similar lifestyle that you did while in a marriage.

If you are contemplating a divorce, it is a good idea to look into whether some of the issues in your marriage can be resolved, through therapy, or other other avenues of support. Many couples can hit "rouch patches" for various reasons. Sometimes, trust and honest communication can lead to resolution of what are not, actually, irreconcilable dirrerences. However, if you do come to the conclusion that filing for divorce is the best option, you should make sure to have a plan in place.

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