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An overview of topics that often come up during a divorce

It can be overwhelming to think about dissolving a marriage and the changes that such a decision would bring to your life. Entering into a marriage may have felt easy, natural and care free. Oftentimes, a divorce doesn't feel as light on your mind. However, the results in the long term can be beneficial; some say just what they needed.

Create a parenting plan that works for your family

Making decisions, planning for the future and even getting on the same page about anything related to a child can be difficult. Add in the fact that you and your child's parent are no longer romantically involved, and that can make coming to a decision more difficult. Parenting plans exist to take out some of the stress and guesswork when it comes to raising your child.

If you caught your spouse cheating, is divorce imminent?

When you married your spouse, the vows during your ceremony likely included a promise to remain faithful, as well as a vow to stay together for the rest of your lives. However, when one spouse violates the promise of fidelity, the vow of a lifetime commitment may no longer feel real or reasonable to either spouse. Cheating is a common reason people file for divorce.

Get a favorable resolution during divorce, property division

The process of going through a divorce can bring up a lot of questions for those involved. This can include the division of assets, such as savings accounts, 401k, property and anything else that is considered marital property. It can also mean finding a parenting plan that works for the divorcing couple and any children they may have.


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