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An uncontested Louisiana divorce can be easier for the children

The word "divorce" probably conjures to mind images of a former couple screaming at each other in court and fighting for each penny of their assets and minute of time with their children. While it is true that many divorces become bitter, contentious events, they are not inherently negative experiences.

Instead, it is the attitudes and behaviors of the adults involved that will inform whether to the divorce becomes bitter and difficult. You can divorce without putting your ex and your kids through the proverbial emotional ringer.

In fact, Louisiana, like all states, allows couples to seek uncontested divorces provided that they agree on the terms of their divorce. You and your ex could reach an arrangement that allows you to skip the court battle. Not only can that mean a faster and cheaper divorce process, but it can also shield your children from the potential long-term emotional damage of a contentious divorce.

It can be difficult for kids to be part of a divorce

The arguing and name-calling that often occur between parents in a divorce is a big part of the stress that children experience in the process. The negative things that their parents say about each other can have a permanent, damaging impact on the relationship with their parents.

As if that wasn't bad enough, the children can also wind up judging their parents based on the testimony that they hear in court. Even if they aren't there to listen to testimony, if they themselves must speak up and state where they prefer to live, that can also be difficult to process. The children may worry about damaging their relationship with the parent they don't choose.

You don't need to put that pressure on your kids. By working together to set mutually acceptable terms for an uncontested divorce, you and your ex protect your children from acrimony and the difficulty that comes with testifying in court.

Just because it's uncontested doesn't mean you should be unrepresented

Agreeing to an uncontested divorce still means that you and your ex will need to set terms for everything from splitting up your assets to dividing parenting time. Having your own attorney is invaluable in that process.

Your attorney can help make sure that your ex doesn't take advantage of you. They can help you advocate for your own rights and the best interest of your children during the asset division process. They can also help you navigate common pitfalls couples encounter when developing parenting plans during Louisiana divorces.

If you are on the brink of a divorce filing, the sooner you talk with an attorney about your family situation, the better equipped you will be to protect yourself and your children.

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