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Sacha Baron Cohen claims his movie caused celebrity divorce

The smallest thing can be the catalyst of a divorce, or so many divorcing couples claim. However, there are usually several underlying issues when it comes to a married couple's decision to get a divorce. It is true for some people that one incident can bring all these issues to a head. Actor Sacha Baron Cohen claims his movie, "Borat," was the reason for Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock's divorce.

This wasn't the first divorce for former Baywatch star Anderson, but it made headlines when the movie at the time hit the big screen. According to Cohen, he had texted the actress shortly after they saw the movie in November of 2006. When Cohen asked how they liked it, she replied that they were getting a divorce. He says when asked her why, she said, "The movie."

While most of us will never the pin the cause of our divorce on the release of a Hollywood movie, it just proves that celebrities are people too. Kid Rock allegedly had some choice words to say to Anderson after the movie was released. When it comes to divorce, the truth can be relative to who is telling the story. That's why you'll often hear two different sides to a story; both people in a divorce may have different perspectives on it.

What many people can take away from this news story is that relationships can be challenging. If they are starting to become more of a burden than a blessing, divorce could be a solution that works well for both in the long term. It requires both parties to proceed with a divorce.

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