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Understanding how divorce mediation works

For most Louisiana couples who are contemplating a divorce, the process seems to be a long, dark and twisting tunnel. One of the most common causes of such anxiety is fear of anger. A party may fear his or her anger toward the other spouse or fear that spouse's anger. One technique for reducing or eliminating anger in the divorce process is the use of mediation. Unfortunately, many spouses in Louisiana do not understand how the process works or how it can help.

Understanding the "best interests of the child"

If a divorcing couple in Louisiana has minor children, the custody and financial support of the child can become a divisive issue. If the parents cannot agree on issues of custody and support for their child, the court will be required to intervene. In making decisions on child custody and support, the court must consider the "best interests of the child." The term itself is very vague, but the state legislature has provided a number of factors that the court can consider.

Finding hidden assets in a divorce case in Louisiana

In a divorce case in Louisiana, many spouses worry about being treated fairly in the division of property process. Louisiana is a community property state, in which joint marital assets must be evenly divided, but many spouses take steps to conceal assets from the other spouse and thereby attempt to avoid having the court include these assets in the inventory of community property. This tactic is plainly illegal, but more than a few people have believed that they could outwit the system.


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