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Communication is a priority in co-parenting

One of the most difficult challenges of co-parenting is having to continue communicating with your ex. Still, it is critical that both parents can speak to each other when there are decisions to be made about the children. There are many ways to do this.

At no point during these discussions should you allow yourself to become so irritated or upset that you say things that could be detrimental to your parenting relationship. Being able to control impulsive behavior must be a priority when things are getting heated.

Know what will set you off

You have to know what might set your anger into motion so that you can plan to control this. If you know these triggers, you can decide what you will do so that you don't fly off the handle. For example, if you are a staunch believer in a top-notch education and your ex wants to send your child to a low scoring public school, you might need to remember that they may try to use this to lure you into losing your temper. Be prepared to take a step back when you feel your frustration starting to rise.

Consider all options

Even when you think that your option is the best one, you need to consider all that are presented. Part of being in a co-parenting relationship is being willing to compromise on important matters. You also need to know when to just leave disagreements alone and let your ex have their way. Typically, it is best to not fight battles that won't impact your child's health, safety or security.

Know the best interests of the children

Every decision you make has to be based on what is best for the children. This can help to keep the focus on them instead of on what either adult wants. If the case must go to trial, the court will only factor in how various solutions will impact the children.

Your parenting plan should have clear guidelines for the important matters related to the children. You must be committed to following those terms. If there are conflicts down the road, turn to the conflict resolution methods in the plan. This might help to keep you out of the Louisiana courts. However, modifications of the custody order are possible if you and your ex can come to an agreement on your own.

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