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Dividing community property

The end of a marriage can be a wrenching emotional experience, but the process of divorce itself is largely concerned with money. The biggest, most time-consuming and technically challenging part of many divorces is figuring out how to divide the marital property.

What are the criteria for an award of alimony in Louisiana?

One of the most important issues in a Louisiana dissolution is whether the court will require one spouse to pay support - usually called alimony - to the other spouse. The answer to the question depends upon a number of factors, most of which are spelled out in Louisiana statutes.

Preparing a joint parenting plan in Louisiana

Louisiana law requires divorcing parents with minor children to prepare a parenting plan and obtain court approval of the plan before the judgment of divorce can be entered. If the parties fail to submit a joint parenting plan or if the plan submitted by the parties is inadequate, the court will devise its own plan based upon the best interests of the child.


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