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Divorce and retirement

A divorce can have a significant impact on retirement plans. This problem is growing because the rate of divorce for spouses over 50-years-old doubled over the last 20 years, and older divorce even grew for remarried couples.

What are the divorce support laws?

Financial support of former spouses and the couple's children is an important divorce issue in Louisiana that can have long-term consequences. This can determine whether a family can pay for daily living expenses, education and health care, and whether they can have a reasonable standard of living.

Dealing with finances after divorce

Going through settlement negotiations or litigation and issuance of the divorce decree does not end all the financial and legal issues after the end of a marriage. There are still practical matters that must be addressed following the end of this often long and tedious process.

Don't make these common courtroom mistakes in a divorce

When a couple in Louisiana decides to end their marriage, it may be the first time they are facing a judge in court. Courtroom behavior can have long-term consequences on child custody, property division and support in a divorce. Litigants should avoid behavior that is almost certain to lead to a bad outcome.

Preparing for divorce

The first working Monday in January is referred to divorce day by family law attorneys in this country because of the high volume of phone calls of married couples considering divorce after the holidays. Spouses who are currently considering the end of their marriage should prepare before speaking with an attorney or going forward with this process.

Taking the right steps with finances during a divorce

In Louisiana, divorce proceedings involve numerous decisions over legal matters such as child custody and property division. These matters are often emotional, but should not stop the cold financial calculations that may help protect a family's future and assure that their needs are met.

Is divorce an option?

Couples in Louisiana face many differing perspectives on whether they should end their marriage. There are reasonable arguments on both sides on whether spouses should be one of the couples who divorce, which reportedly occurs every 13 seconds in this country.


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