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Review of the divorce process

Ending a marriage may be a complicated, time-consuming process and involves certain legal procedures. Seeking qualified advice and being patient is important for getting through this process and obtaining a fair and reasonable divorce decree.

Divorce and college

Ending a marriage complicates a family's financial plans and parents must figure how to deal with paying for the care and support of their children. Paying for the children's college education is expensive and an important divorce matter even if the children are very young.

Divorce and taxes

During a divorce, spouses usually concentrate on property division, child custody and support. However, like other life-altering events, it has important tax consequences requiring planning and impacting negotiations as well.

Prenups challenged by new tax law

The new tax law recently enacted by Congress has changed financial planning for businesses and individual taxpayers. Its provisions may now require review of prenuptial agreements that govern property division and support for Louisiana couples. Tax changes may invalidate parts of prenups or surprise couples during divorce.


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