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What are the criteria for an award of alimony in Louisiana?

One of the most important issues in a Louisiana dissolution is whether the court will require one spouse to pay support - usually called alimony - to the other spouse. The answer to the question depends upon a number of factors, most of which are spelled out in Louisiana statutes.

Understanding how divorce mediation works

For most Louisiana couples who are contemplating a divorce, the process seems to be a long, dark and twisting tunnel. One of the most common causes of such anxiety is fear of anger. A party may fear his or her anger toward the other spouse or fear that spouse's anger. One technique for reducing or eliminating anger in the divorce process is the use of mediation. Unfortunately, many spouses in Louisiana do not understand how the process works or how it can help.

The right approach to family law issues in Louisiana

While few people enter a marriage expecting it to end in divorce, some spouses find divorce to be a solution to their marital woes. A spouse may find that the marriage's end is a relief instead of a source of shame, and often both spouses - and any children - find their quality of life has improved after a divorce. This means that spouses and children may experience less stress after a divorce.

Sacha Baron Cohen claims his movie caused celebrity divorce

The smallest thing can be the catalyst of a divorce, or so many divorcing couples claim. However, there are usually several underlying issues when it comes to a married couple's decision to get a divorce. It is true for some people that one incident can bring all these issues to a head. Actor Sacha Baron Cohen claims his movie, "Borat," was the reason for Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock's divorce.

An overview of topics that often come up during a divorce

It can be overwhelming to think about dissolving a marriage and the changes that such a decision would bring to your life. Entering into a marriage may have felt easy, natural and care free. Oftentimes, a divorce doesn't feel as light on your mind. However, the results in the long term can be beneficial; some say just what they needed.

Spousal support in divorce

The role of spousal support in a divorce is often misunderstood. Also known as alimony, spousal support is decided later in divorce proceedings, after division of the couple's assets are decided. Once this is done, the need for a spouse to receive or pay support can be determined and calculated. It is awarded to restrict any inequitable economic impact to the lower or non-wage-earning spouse by providing that spouse with ongoing income.

Divorces and digital technology

Ending a marriage brings many disputes and the need for caution about many matters. Digital technology has become a major, but possibly overlooked, part of our lives that can cause headaches in a divorce. Passwords, online accounts and gadgets can be "weaponized" by a vindictive soon-to-be former spouse.


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