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Preparing a joint parenting plan in Louisiana

Louisiana law requires divorcing parents with minor children to prepare a parenting plan and obtain court approval of the plan before the judgment of divorce can be entered. If the parties fail to submit a joint parenting plan or if the plan submitted by the parties is inadequate, the court will devise its own plan based upon the best interests of the child.

Understanding the "best interests of the child"

If a divorcing couple in Louisiana has minor children, the custody and financial support of the child can become a divisive issue. If the parents cannot agree on issues of custody and support for their child, the court will be required to intervene. In making decisions on child custody and support, the court must consider the "best interests of the child." The term itself is very vague, but the state legislature has provided a number of factors that the court can consider.

Set goals, expectations for the child custody process

Before you begin something, you often think about what the ideal outcome would be in the end. There are many reasons to begin something, but sometimes people have a hard time finishing. Things can come up that are unexpected or challenging that can get between a person fulfilling their goals. When it comes to your child, it's important to put their best interests first during the child custody process.

Create a parenting plan that works for your family

Making decisions, planning for the future and even getting on the same page about anything related to a child can be difficult. Add in the fact that you and your child's parent are no longer romantically involved, and that can make coming to a decision more difficult. Parenting plans exist to take out some of the stress and guesswork when it comes to raising your child.

What are grandparents' custody rights in Louisiana?

Grandparents may seek child custody in limited circumstances in Louisiana. Grandparents may intervene in a court case and seek custody after the parents filed for divorce. They must prove that the parents' custody will substantially harm the child. This is a heavy burden and the parents could still maintain custody even though the child would be better if the grandchildren had custody. Typically, the judge must find that the parents are abusing or neglecting the child to award the grandparents custody.


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