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Spousal support in divorce

The role of spousal support in a divorce is often misunderstood. Also known as alimony, spousal support is decided later in divorce proceedings, after division of the couple's assets are decided. Once this is done, the need for a spouse to receive or pay support can be determined and calculated. It is awarded to restrict any inequitable economic impact to the lower or non-wage-earning spouse by providing that spouse with ongoing income.

Divorces and digital technology

Ending a marriage brings many disputes and the need for caution about many matters. Digital technology has become a major, but possibly overlooked, part of our lives that can cause headaches in a divorce. Passwords, online accounts and gadgets can be "weaponized" by a vindictive soon-to-be former spouse.

Post-divorce negotiations

Issuance of a Louisiana decree may not end all legal issues following the dissolution of marriage and bring tranquility to the former spouses. Matters arise after the divorce is final such as child custody and visitation and financial issues involving support. Instead of heading to court to seek enforcement or modification, the parties may try to resolve these issues themselves through mediation.

A properly drafted prenup can protect spouses if they divorce

Poor drafting and consideration of prenuptial agreements can defeat their purpose. Successful negotiation and drafting of this contract, also known as a matrimonial agreement in Louisiana, can help expedite resolution of property division and other matters if the couple ever divorces.


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